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As a "THANK YOU" to all our great customers, we will send you, absolutely FREE, a DVD of one of our 1/2 hour TV shows.  Besides being entertaining, it will give you an idea of how to build a program using our Character Talk CD's. Every so often, we will be offering different DVD titles.

Each program DVD stands alone by itself as each program covers a different subject. Again, Thank You for your support of our ministry.

God bless.

Puppet Love

All of these DVDs are
$8.00 each

This page gives you a quick look
at the contents of each DVD.

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B1_ THE COSTUME PARTY ... The puppets are busy talking and planning which Bible character they are going to dress up like for the Bible Costume Party. At the party they not only have to tell who they are dressed up like but why they chose to come as that Bible character. (Choir Song_"My Blessings Out-number My Troubles")

B2_ CHILDREN OF THE BIBLE ... As the puppets talk about some of the children in the Bible, they are reminded how special children are to God and discover that even kids can serve the Lord. (Choir Song_"Just Like Him"; Quartet Song_"The Old Country Church")

B3_  I CORINTHIANS 13 ... Through skits and songs the puppets share about Bible love. They find out if it doesn't fit God's description in I Corinthians 13, it's not really love. (Choir Song_"Sailin' On The Sea of Your Love")

B4_ COVENANT ... The kids in Puppetville learn that God's words are very important to Him. When God speaks promises to us from the Bible, He looks at those promises as His contract with us ... His Covenant with us. (Choir Song_"Rock My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham"; Quartet Song_"I've Made a Covenant")

B5_ THE TEN COMMANDMENTS ... Even today, God's Commandments teach us how we are to live our lives. The puppets in Puppetville learn that these are God's way of teaching us how we are to act toward Him and how we are to act toward others. (Choir Song_"Just Like Him"; Quartet Song_"Bound For the Land of Canaan")

B6_ BIBLE HEROES ... The men and women of God in the Bible inspire us to serve Him faithfully today. They became heroes by listening to and responding to God's Voice. Today, we can also be heroes by always doing what God instructs us to do in The Bible. (Choir Song_"Rock My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham"; Quartet Song_"King Jesus")

J1_ JESUS THE SAVIOR ... Find out along with many of the Puppet Love  characters in Puppetville about the gift of salvation ... that Jesus came to Earth to save us from sin and how he wants to be each person's Savior. (Choir Song_"Heading For Calvary Alone"; Quartet Song_"The Man in the Middle")

J2_ JESUS, GOD'S SON (Jesus, God and Man) ... Jesus proved He was God's Son when He lived here on the Earth as a man. The puppets are excited in this program as they tell about some of the ways Jesus did this. (Choir Song_"Cain't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus"; Quartet Song_"He Knows Just What I Need")

J3_ LIVING HOLY LIKE JESUS ... Some of the younger puppets find out that living holy is simply pleasing God; that holiness is not just for grown-ups but  for children too, and our example for holy living is Jesus. (Choir Song_"Living In the Light of God")

J4_ EMMANUEL ... The kids of Puppetville are finding out that Jesus has another name ... Emmanuel.  Find out with them why God gave His Son another name in addition to "Jesus". (Choir Song_"I Saw God"; Quartet Song_"In the Middle of the Night")

J5_ THE NAME OF JESUS ... Jesus' name is far greater than any other name. The puppets in Puppetville discover that there is tremendous power in His Name ... because His Name "says it all". (Choir Song_"What A Lovely Name")

J6_ JESUS THE TEACHER ... The puppets all knew that Jesus was the greatest teacher who ever lived. But while discussing His life here on Earth, they learn the different ways He taught ... through His words and His actions. And that these are the same ways we teach others today! (Choir Song_"Living in the Light of God"; Quartet Song_"That Old-Time Religion's Coming Back")

J7_ JESUS THE SHEPHERD ... The puppets learn that, in the Bible, Jesus was called The Good Shepherd. They learn what it means to be a shepherd ... about taking care of those who depend on you. And how that's very much like the pastor of a church today! (Choir Song_"A Whole Lot of People Would Be Surprised")

A1_ THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD: THE UNIFORM ...  In this first installment of the Whole Armor of God Series, we learn that God has made "spiritual clothing" available to all Christians.  As the puppets explore the Scriptures concerning this, they learn about The Helmet of Salvation, The Breastplate of Righteousness, and The Shield of Faith. (Choir Song_"Walking By Faith in the Lord")

A 2_ THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD: THE WEAPON ... In this next installment of the Whole Armor of God Series, we learn about a vital part of our armor.  Even though you can't see it with your eyes, the puppets learn that the Sword of the Spirit, the spiritual weapon that God gives us, is very real! (Choir Song_"The Battle Hymn of the Republic" by Al Green)

A3_ THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD: THE PURPOSE ... In this last installment of the Whole Armor of God Series, we learn why God has made spiritual armor available to all Christians.  As the puppets gather information, they learn this armor is vital to a Christian's life! (Choir Song_"Amazing Grace" by Al Green)

PV01_ CINDY LOU'S REPORT ON LOVE ... Cindy Lou shares her report on love with the class at school. Through flashbacks of her conversations with different puppets in Puppetville, she finds there are many different kinds of love before learning that the best kind of love is God's Love. (Choir Song_"Because I Love Him")

PV02_ GRANDPA, THIS IS YOUR LIFE ... A special ceremony at the Puppetville Playhouse (the town's theater) honors Grandpa for his years of influence. Through guest appearances, film clips, and interviews, the puppets in Puppetville share how Grandpa always pointed them toward Jesus. (Choir Song_"Just Like Him")

PV03_ PUPPETVILLE CITIZEN OF THE YEAR ... The puppets share their thoughts about who they are going to vote for in the upcoming election.  During the celebration at the Good-Time Gospel Church, we learn that the qualities that make you a good Christian can get you elected Puppetville's Citizen of the Year. (Choir Song_"My Brand New Home"; Quartet Song_"That Old-Time Religion's Coming Back")

PV04_ THE J.C. CLUB ... The Candy Lane kids start a club for Jesus.  The adults in Puppetville give them guidance and direction as they organize the "J.C. Club".  At the club- house dedication, we find that the children have become "fishers of men".  They have patterned their club after the early Christians by using the symbol of the fish and by witnessing. (Choir Song_"Living in the Light of God"; Quartet Song_"Excuses")

PV05_ WLUV PRESENTS: CRONKSTEIN'S SPECIAL REPORT ... Puppetville's news reporter, Walter Cronkstein, does a special program searching out all the aspects of power.  Through information presented by the puppets in Puppetville, he learns about the power of God - Holy Spirit. (Choir Song_"Holy Ghost Power")

PV06_ THE INVITATION ... Puppetville is all abuzz as the residents receive invitations from the Good-Time Gospel Church to a special supper.  The puppets share the meaning of the Lord's Supper as they prepare to attend. (Choir Song_"A Whole Lot of People Would Be Surprised If He Came Back Today"; Quartet Song_"I've Made a Covenant With My Lord")

PV07_ THE SIGN OF THE CROSS ... The citizens of Puppetville want to put up a sign outside of town.  There is much discussion on just what that sign should be.  Find out why they decided on the sign of the cross. (Choir Song_"I Believe"; Quartet Song_"The Man in the Middle")

PV08_ CAREER DAY IN PUPPETVILLE ... On Career Day, the school children of Puppetville interview different professionals in the town as they ponder their future careers. (Choir Song_"Looking to Jesus"; Quartet Song_"You and Me Jesus")

PV09_ PUPPETVILLE'S WEEK OF PRAYER ... Learn with the puppets some very special things about praying as they prepare for the Puppetville Week of Prayer. (Choir Song_"Don't Settle for Less"; Quartet Song_"God's in the Business")

PV10_ THE ALIEN REPORT ... In "The Alien Report", we find ourselves aboard a spaceship with two aliens, Violar and Zackzar.  We will observe the citizens of Puppetville with these aliens as they try to learn about Earthlings called Christians. (Choir Song_"Looking to Jesus")
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