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Short Christmas Programs Scripts & CD
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FREE DVD with Every Order

As a "THANK YOU" to all our great customers, we will send you, absolutely FREE, a DVD of one of our 1/2 hour TV shows.  Besides being entertaining, it will give you an idea of how to build a program using our Character Talk CD's. Every so often, we will be offering different DVD titles.

Each program DVD stands alone by itself as each program covers a different subject. Again, Thank You for your support of our ministry.

God bless.

Puppet Love

Short Christmas Programs Scripts & CD
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Each of the four (4) short Christmas programs will contain one (1) puppet skit and several puppet monolog scripts. Each short program has a guide sheet with the puppet line-up for the show, ideas for costuming the puppets and suggested songs to use at the end of each program for puppets or for the audience to sing. It will also tell you which short programs can be combined to make your puppet show longer without duplicating any of the puppet characters. Each Program can be done by a minimum of 2 puppeteers.

Our script books are designed to be performance-ready. In two easy steps you can use them in a puppet show: 1) coil binding makes them easy to separate, and 2) skits are printed on only one side of each page so they can be used behind the stage.

Puppet show titles are:
* Adore Him
* Signs of Christmas
* Good News
* Christmas

The Christmas Library contains the Short Christmas Programs Script Book and a CD with each program recorded on a separate track. Each program sound track has entrance music and exit music between puppet skits and puppet monolog talks so there are no silent spots in your puppet show. This holds the attention of your audience and allows smoother puppet transition for your puppeteers. ! The Script Book may be purchased separately.
HomeChristian puppet script books and puppet skits on CD. Bible based puppet scripts and Christian puppet skits for your church puppet show. FREE DVD with EVERY ORDER!!! ProductsScripts and skits for use with puppet groups as well as one-person talks for individual puppeteers. About UsSince 1978, PUPPET LOVE has been creating their own puppet characters, writing and recording their own puppet skits and individual character scripts. We have ministered in nearly all Christian denominations and in several countries. Contact UsAdditional information about our scripts and skits can be obtained by simply contacting us by one of several means. ShippingScripts and skits will be shipped promptly and at reasonable cost. Privacy PolicyThe information you provide on our website will not be shared with anyone else. We know you just want puppet scripts and skits, not a lot of unwanted emails from people you never heard of.

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Credit Card Orders are for USA billing addresses only!

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